Terms & Conditions

General Information:

  1. You should register on the portal first to start availing the online services offered by OICL portal.
  2. Online services will be open to you only after you acknowledge the receipt of registration confirmation email.
  3. We invite you to visit your account on the Portal frequently for transacting business. If you believe that any information relating to your account has a discrepancy, please bring it to the notice of OICL by e-mail or letter.


  • The portal would assign you the login credentials after registrationUser-id
  1. User-id
  2. Password
  • The Password given by OICL must be replaced by Password of customer/other stakeholders' choice at the time of first log-on.
  • OICL will make reasonable use of available technology to ensure security and to prevent unauthorized access to any of portal services.
  • These together with access control methods designed on the Portal would afford a high level of security to the transactions you conduct.
  • You are welcome to access online OICL portal from anywhere anytime. However, as a matter of precaution, customer/other stakeholders may avoid using PCs with public access.

OICL's terms:

  1. All requests received from customer/other stakeholders are logged for backend fulfillment and are effective from the time they are recorded at OICL.
  2. Rules and regulations applicable to normal insurance transactions/ products/ policies in India will be applicable mutatis mutandis for the transactions executed through this Portal. Detailed terms and conditions for such products/ policies may be obtained from the OICL portal/ offices.
  3. The online portal service cannot be claimed as a right. The Company may also convert this into a discretionary service anytime.
  4. Dispute between the customer/other stakeholders and OICL in this service is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Republic of India and governed by the laws prevailing in India.
  5. The Company reserves the right to modify the services offered or the Terms of service of online portal. The changes will be notified to the customer/other stakeholders through a notification on the Portal.

Customer/other stakeholders' obligations:

  1. Customer/other stakeholders have an obligation to maintain secrecy in regard to Username & Password registered with the portal. OICL presupposes that login using valid Username and Password is a valid session initiated by none other than the customer/other stakeholder.
  2. Transaction executed through a valid session will be construed by OICL to have emanated from the registered customer/other stakeholders and will be binding on him / her.
  3. The customer/other stakeholders will not attempt or permit others to attempt accessing the online OICL portal through any unlawful means.

Do's ' Don'ts:

  1. The customer/other stakeholder should keep his/her ID and password strictly confidential and should not divulge the same to any other person. Any loss sustained by the customer/other stakeholder due to non-compliance of this condition will be at his/her own risk and responsibility and OICL will not be liable for the same in any manner.
  2. The customer/other stakeholder is free to choose a password of his own for portal services. As a precaution a password that in is generic nature, guessable or inferable personal data such as name, address, telephone number, driving license, date of birth, etc. is best avoided. Similarly it is a good practice to commit the password to memory rather than writing it down somewhere.
  3. It may not be safe to leave the computer unattended during a valid session. This might give access to your account information to others.

Privacy Policy:

In the process of using this Web Portal, the Privacy Policy as set forth in the Web Portal www.orientalinsurance.org.in shall be applicable.