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1 All Risk IRDAN556P0142V01200506  
2 Baggage Insurance IRDAN556P0145V01200506  
3 Banker's Indemnity IRDAN556P0146V01200506  
4 Bank Grahak Suraksha Policy IRDAN556RP0012V01202223
5 Burglary And Housebreaking Insurance(Business Premises) IRDAN556P0148V01200506  
6 Carrier Liability IRDAN556P0095V01200506  
7 Directors & Officers Liability Insurance. IRDAN556P0093V01200506  
8 Employer's Liability Policy IRDAN556P0140V01200506  
9 Fidelity Guarantee Individual IRDAN556P0158V01200506      
10 Fidelity Guarantee Group IRDAN556P0158V01200506    
11 Flight Coupon Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/OIC/P-H/V.1/23/14-15  
12 Individual Personal Accident IRDA/NL-HLT/OIC/P-P/V.1/456/13-14  
13 Group Personal Accident IRDA/NL-HLT/OIC/P-P/V.1/457/13-14    
14 Householders Insurance IRDAN556P0166V01200506  
15 Jeweller's Block Insurance IRDAN556P0168V01200506  
16 Money Insurance Policy IRDAN556P0172V01200506  
17 Multi Perils Policy for LPG Dealers IRDAN556P0170V01200506      
18 Nagarik Suraksha Group IRDA/NL-HLT/OIC/P-H/V.1/20/14-15  
19 Nagarik Suraksha Individual Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/OIC/P-H/V.1/20/14-15  
20 Neon Sign IRDAN556P0173V01200506  
21 Office Umbrella IRDAN556P0174V01200506    
22 Pedal Cycle    
23 Plate Glass Insurance IRDAN556P0175V01200506  
24 Product-Liability IRDAN556P0086V01200506  
25 Professional Indemnity Policy For CA Management. Consultants-Lawyers. IRDAN556P0092V01200506  
26 Professional Indemnity Policy For Doctors & Medical Practitioners. IRDAN556P0090V01200506  
27 Professional Indemnity Professional Policy For Engineers ,Architects. IRDAN556P0092V01200506    
28 Professional Negligence policy For Medical Establishment. IRDAN556P0092V01200506    
29 Public Liability Act IRDAN556P0087V01200506    
30 Public Liability Industrial IRDAN556P0088V01200506      
31 Public Liability Non Industrial Risks IRDAN556P0089V01200506    
32 Saral Suraksha Bima OICPAIP21635V012021  
33 Shopkeepers Insurance IRDAN556P0176V01200506  
34 Student Safety Insurance      
35 Sweet Home Insurance Policy. IRDAN556P0006V01200708  
36 Sampurna Udyam Suraksha Policy IRDAN556RP0001V01202324  
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