Third party commission

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Third party commission
16/9/18 9:00 अपराह्न
Sir shriram general insurance give there agents 15% commission to there agents on T.P but we get Only 2.5% ...
Please increase our commission .....

I think working with government general insurance company is not meant for agents....

A very little commission..

If I collect a T.P of a bike then I get only 19rs commission .

Isse kahi jayada ka to mera petrol lag jata h sahab..

Kripa kar ke sochiye hamare bare me ni to bima karna bada hi mushkil ho jayega hamare liye
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RE: Third party commission
16/9/18 9:51 अपराह्न as a reply to Abhinav Gupta.
private companies are giving extra commision in some other ways they cannot give commisions out of the prescribed format of IRDA  .Thay can give only 2.5% on TP premium officially and rest thay manage by other ways. 
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