Renewal of Private Car Package Policy

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Renewal of Private Car Package Policy
8/2/18 12:40 पूर्वाह्न

Dear Sir/Madam,

I tried a number of times to renew motor insurance policies on portal but unfortunately I never succeeded.  Now while renewing Policy No. 231110/31/2017/15058 under Renewal No.231110/2017/27787, the following problems did not allow me to do so.

1.  It is taking IDV of last year i.e. Rs.1,90,000/- whereas I want it to be Rs.1,70,000/- after allowing depriciation.

2. It is not allowing NCB whereas client says that there is no claim during this year.

It is submitted that last date of renewal is 11.02.2018, Premium on manual calculation comes toRs.5590/-, therefore, kindly get the problem sorted out urgently.


Om Prakash Chuttani


Code BA0000112606

DAB Sec 20 C Chandigarh

Mobile 95010 12690
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