Portal Suggestion for Other than Motor Dept

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Portal Suggestion for Other than Motor Dept
15/11/17 10:30 पूर्वाह्न
  1. In Mediclaim / HFF, Nowadays, Photo ID proof is available for most of all Indians. Identity card of TPAs are merely formalities. So, Photo Upload should not be compulsory. Also, where purpose is just to generate reference number and policy is issued by Branch, it must not be compulsory.
  2. In House Holder, Bifurcation in Section 1-B of Contents should be optional or should be user defined.
  3. In ShopKeeper, coverage of Money in Safe / Money in Counter is not available
  4. In Personal Accident  Policy, Coverage of only one table can be taken. But it is usual practice to combine 2 or more tables for each insured.
  5. In Personal Accident  Policy, Family Discount is calculated when selected option of “Whether ENTIRE FAMILY is covered ?”  But it should be automatically calculated where more than 1 family members are covered.
  6. In Personal Accident  Policy, underwriting discount of 10% should be optional.
  7. Long term Policies of House Holder’s / Nagrik Suraksha / Janta Personal Accident is not available
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