Portal Suggestion for Motor Dept

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Portal Suggestion for Motor Dept
15/11/17 10:28 पूर्वाह्न
  1. In INLIAS, discount is not applicable to Addon like Nil Dep., whereas Portal gives discount in Addon premium also.
  2. Engine Protect Addon is not available in Portal
  3. In renewing Motor Policies of vehicles having age of more than 5 years, IDV doesn’t decrease and policy is renewing with the same IDV of previous policy.
  4. Liab. Only Policy for vehicle with age > 10 years can’t be issued.
  5. Base Sum Insured can’t be change. There should be flexibility to change it upto +- 10%.
  6. Discount is fixed to 30% and it can’t be modified. Portal user should be authorise to modify it in the range of 20 to 50%.
  7. Date of Registration is always later than the purchase date. But portal doesn’t accept Reg. Date later than purchase date.
  8. There are very few cities are listed in “City of Purchase “. Also, RTO Zone is automatically selected after selecting Purchase City. As we are selecting nearest place of purchase, RTO Zone shouldn’t be linked with it.
  9. What is the meaning of “WHETHER EXISTING VEHICLE ?”, which is asked by portal.
  10. While Renewing policy of Other Insurer, Telephone No. of previous insurer is mandatory. Many insurer doesn’t print it in their policies. Also, portal doesn’t accept tollfree no. in this field.
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