Portal Suggestion

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Portal Suggestion
15/11/17 10:17 पूर्वाह्न
  1. For portal usage, incentive of 3% and maximum Rs. 65 per policy is available. But it should be minimum Rs. 25.
  2. OTP is required in each transaction. Many times, it takes long time to arrive. This constrain should be removed.
  3. Report of Renewal List of next 30 days is available. But,Monthwise Renewal List with information like Policy No., Reference No.,  Product Name, Name of Policy Holder, Mobile No., Vehicle No., Sum Insured, Net Prem. , GST , Total Prem., Expiry Date should be available with the option to download.
  4. In INLIAS / Portal, there are many PIN code are missing / incorrect in the database. PIN not existed in the database are not allowed to input. As it is mandatory field in portal, we have to select incorrect PIN. Updated PIN database are available at https://data.gov.in/catalog/all-india-pincode-directory . Our IT team should use and make it accurate.
  5. Portal is not accepting existing INSURED CODE. So, in every policy of same proposer, fresh detail is required to enter. Moreover, there is a synchronizing error of insured code generated by PORTAL in INLIAS.
  6. Client Master Modification facility, for client of particular agent, should be available in Portal.
  7. While printing Policies other than Issued by Portal, signature is also not present in Policy Documents. So, without Company LOGO and Signature, it is not usable in giving it to Clients / Banks etc.
  8. In buying new policies, it is very awkward that Personal Detail of Proposer comes at last, after giving all other detail and even premium calculations !
  9. In every instance of Premium Calculations of same proposal, Portal generate new reference number.  Reference No. should remain same for single proposal.
  10. Concept of TEMPLATE should be introduce. This template can be used for same type of other proposal.
  11. Cheque payment should be accepted in Agent Login.
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