Portal KYC Updation Errors

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Portal KYC Updation Errors
4/4/23 9:40 पूर्वाह्न
In KYC section Aadhar or DL or Voter ID or Passport added.
Till introduction PAN only easier for KYC compliance among other options, but from March 30th to till today 04 04 23, PAN also not useful and shows errors and not able to update KYC in OICL Portal.
Hence request portal support team to rectify this Bug immediately to help Agents.

P Shanmugam
OICL Chennai RO
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RE: Portal KYC Updation Errors
26/4/23 8:15 अपराह्न as a reply to Shanmugam P.
  Yes pan is only easier and it is working.  But while underwriting Brand New Vehicle after entering all entries and we click on Calculate Premium button the system gives message that incorrect eng/chasis no.  please provide correct details.  When the vehicle is not registered in RTO how our system gives this message not understand and due to this the insurance advisor could not generate the policy through portal.  The other thing is happening in case of renewal of bundled policy after one year we  try to underwrite the policy in standalone policy and after entering all correct details finally the system gives message as system error please contact insurance company.  Due to this the agent can not renew the policy through portal.  Please share if any one received this type of experience.
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