Need Portal Marine Declaration Facility under Open Cover

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Need Portal Marine Declaration Facility under Open Cover
27/2/23 7:18 पूर्वाह्न
Recently lauched issuance of Portal Declaration under Marine Inland Transit Policy is appriciated by Clients, since we are able to cover their Transits even on Holidays under their OPL,
but with the same Declaration Facility we are unable to cover Exports/Imports due to some technical glitch, the Policy data
 capture is done perfectly but user unable to key in Declaration of cover required/values.
Hence Kindly facilitate portal users to issue Marine Declaration Certificate under Open Cover utlizing their CD. During weekends & on long holidays Insuring Public especially Exporters/Importers were affected most.
Also due to insufficient/inadequate staff almost in all offices, Portal facility for all possible policies must be made available to retain client base.

P. Shanmugam
OICL-DO-12, Chennai RO
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