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Professional Negligence Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy For Medical Establishments

Brief Description

The Policy will indemnify the Insured in respect of any act committed by the Professionals or Qualified Assistants named in the Proposal engaged by the Medical Establishment which gives rise to any Third Party Legal Liability. Such activities will be part of the declared medical activities of the establishment. Such an act would have taken place in the duration of the Policy commencing from the retroactive date. In the normal course all claims for compensation have to be legally established in a Court of Law. Only Indian Law shall be applicable to such action. The Limits of Indemnity would be to any one year limit under the policy. Short period policies are not permitted. Medical Establishments shall be Registered with Competent Authority as per the Local Regulations. The Medical Establishment should have: 1) at least 10 in-patient facility, 2) a fully equipped Operation Theatre of its own, 3) fully qualified Nursing Staff in its employment round the clock, unless indicated to the contrary and additional premium paid, 4) fully Qualified Doctors. Doctor should be in charge round the clock.

Covered Risks

List of eligible Medical Establishments: 1) Laboratories and Diagnostic Centres, 2) Hospitals, 3) Mental Homes, 4) Nursing/Convalescent Homes, 5) Homes for Physically Disabled, 6) Clinics, 7) Dispensing Pharmacies, 8) Veterinary Hospitals and / or Clinics

Major Exclusions

Criminal act, services rendered under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics, Third party Public Liability, claims under cosmetic plastic surgery, hair transplants, punch grafts, flap rotations etc.