The main threat of the cyclone ‘Yaas’ will be to the storage area. We would request our customers / policyholders to take the following measures to minimize/avoid losses due to cyclonic wind and accompanying heavy rain which may lead to flood & inundation.

1. Prudent measures to be taken before/after cyclone to control the losses.

2. Evacuate the materials from inundation sensitive locations to a comparatively safe area inside the plant. Properly cover the stocks to resist loss from rain water.

3. The open storage of materials should be avoided as much as possible.

4. If some of your godowns outside the plants is in low lying area or where the floor area is below the ground level in such cases the stocks should be shifted to safer places.

5. Utilize pumps to drain out water in the waterlogged storage area.

6. Avoid driving in water logged areas. If your vehicle is submerged in water, don’t try to start the engine as that may damage the engine.

7. Do not park your vehicle under trees and loose sheds.

8. Beware of any broken / loose wire around your vehicle.


Advisory Regarding YASS Cyclone- RO Kolkata

India Meteorological Department National Bulletin

Nodal officers for YAAS claims-RO Kolkata

Nodal officers for YAAS claims-RO Kolkata

Nodal officers for YAAS claims-RO Bhubaneshwar

Nodal officers for YAAS claims-RO Bhubaneshwar ​