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Aquaculture (Shrimp/Prawn) Insurance Policy

Brief Description

This scheme is applicable to duly licensed farms or farms in accordance with the Government notification growing Brackishwater shrimp/fresh water prawns by adopting extensive/modified extensive system only

Covered Risks

The cover is available for the perils like summer kill, pollution (from external source only) poisoning, riot and strike, malicious acts of third parties, earthquake, explosion/implosion, storm, tempest, cyclone, typhoon, hurricane, tornado, flood inundation, volcanic eruption and/or other convulsions of nature, aircraft and other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom, impact with any road vehicles, horses and cattle, terrorism. Diseases except caused by bad management, are covered on the payment of 4% additional to premium fixed for basic cover .

Major Exclusions

Malicious or Wilful injury, rough handling, partial loss, predators, physical change of chemical status in soil and water, transit, war, nuclear radiation, pest, polyculture, undergrowth, cannibalism, natural mortality, clandestine sale, loss of production and profit, transit by any means, infidelity of any person, burglary, poaching and theft, flood and inundation due to the action of normal tides.