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Animal Driven Cart / Tanga Insurance

Brief Description

This Insurance covers all type of animal driven carts, driven by any animals like bullock, male buffalo, castrated bullock, camel, horse/mule, donkey, yak, etc. This policy has 4 sections. Section I & II are compulsory. Section III & IV are optional. Section I covers the Animal Driven cart. Section II covers the animal pulling the cart. Section III covers the Third Party Liability. Section IV indemnifies the driver. The values of the animal and carriage are to be declared separately. The Sum Insured shall be 100% of the Market Value of the animal and the carriage. If the animal is insured for the purpose of pulling or driving the carriage by a separate policy, the cart/tonga/coach alone can be insured keeping on the record the particulars of the animals insured. In case of normal cover offer by the policy, no Veterinary examination is required. However, if full death cover for the animal is required by the Proposer, a Veterinary Certificate is to be obtained at the cost of the proposer. The animal should be identified by ear-tagging or branding with hot iron or tattooing as per Cattle Insurance Market Agreement.

Covered Risks

Section I: Loss or damage to the Cart/Tonga/Coach by a) Accidental external means, b) Fire, explosion, lightning, storm, tempest, flood, inundation, earthquake, burglary or theft. Section II: This section provides indemnity against death or Permanent Total Disablement of the animal used for pulling or driving the carriage, Section III: Third Party Liability arising out of an accident caused by Cart/Tonga/Coach insured including passengers liability upto Rs.5,000/- per accident and Rs.10,000/- for all accident, Section IV: This Section indemnifies the driver against death or disablement due to driving the cart or whilst mounting into or dismounting from the cart.

Major Exclusions